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Prescription to get Active

​For more information and to see which faciliaties are participating, please go to

What is the Prescription To Get Active program?

This is an exciting program developed by family doctors. Its purpose is to help encourage people who are not getting enough exercise to become more active. Family doctors and other health care providers  first identify patients who could benefit from more exercise. Then they fill out a special prescription that provides details on how their patients can act on that recommendation.

How do I get a Prescription to Get Active?

To receive a "Prescription To Get Active", talk to your family doctor or primary care health care team member. They will assess your health needs.  With each “Prescription To Get Active”, family physicians and thier health professionals are able to prescribe the amount of activity you need to help improve your health and prevent disease. The participating facilities are supporting you by providing certain services when you bring a prescription to them. Go to for a list of participating facilities.

There is no time limit for when you choose to use your prescription. However, when you do use it for the first time, the facility will keep the prescription in exchange for the services they provide. The prescription cannot be used more than once, one prescription per person.