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Pharmacist Consultations

A pharmacist can help you understand how your medication works and ensure you are taking it properly. The Alberta Heartland Primary Care Network team includes a pharmacist who works with you and your health care team to ensure your medications are being taken in a safe and effective manner. The pharmacist can also review new evidence-based drug information and provide advice to the health team.

In-clinic Complex Medication Reviews

Patients who take several medications or have more than one health condition need to have their medications monitored carefully. Mixing old prescriptions with new ones, and having old or discontinued medications in the home, can be risky.

Your physician can refer you to the Alberta Heartland Primary Care Network pharmacist who will consult with you in our clinic to review and evaluate your medications. The pharmacist can ensure you are taking your medications effectively and safely and can help you address any medication conerns with your family physician.

Format: Consultation with Pharmacist

Interested in this program?  Talk to your family physician or complete the online form

Home-based Medication Reconciliation

 This program aims to help you or your loved one understand all the medications you are taking at home. If you are taking 5 or more prescription or ‘over the counter’ medications, you have two or more chronic illnesses or you have been in and out of hospital recently, our PCN pharmacist will visit your home and review any changes to your medication regimen to ensure you are taking all your medications safely. The results of this review will be shared with your family physician and community pharmacist to ensure all members of your care team have the same information. With your consent removing unused or expired medications is part of this service.

Any patient, regardless of whether they have been in hospital, may be referred for this in-home service. If you are concerned about your medications talk to your family physician about a referral.
Format: Individual Home Visit with Pharmacist 

Interested in this program?  Talk to your family physician or complete the online form