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Chronic Pain Management Clinic

‚ÄčThe Alberta Heartland Primary Care Network provides patients with a multidisciplinary team approach to pain management in its Chronic Pain Management Clinic. The clinic gives patients access to a pain specialist and a multidisciplinary team of health professionals who work closely with your family physician to provide additional support to patients experiencing any type of chronic pain.

The Pain Clinic team appointment consists of a Physician Pain Specialist, Pharmacist, and Occupational Therapist.  This appointment will focus mainly on the medical aspect of pain management including lab work, diagnostics, and medications.  The Pain Clinic team will not replace the family doctor, and you will still see them for general care. 

The clinic will see patients who have been living with chronic plain for six months or longer and are not participating in another pain clinic.

Format: Consultations and treatment as needed

Interested in this program? Referral from an Alberta Heartland PCN family doctor required. Talk to your family doctor or click here to see if your family doctor is a member.